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Terms & Condition for Vendor

99hubfactory is India’s new e-commerce platform for selling products online. 99hubfactory provides direct contact with customers across India. The seller can easily connect with us and start his business with minimum investment. The seller can easily start his online business with us.

The seller can connect with us easily and it is completely free. The seller needs to listing and register to sell their products.

Why seller join us?

We are offering online business platform to the seller. From where the seller can sell the product all over India. The seller can take his business to a new level and grow his business.

What documents required for seller?

  • Pan card.
  • G.S.T
  • Address Proof & Electricity Bill.
  • Bank account or cancel cheque.
  • Digital signature.

With how many products the seller can join us?

  • The seller may associate with at least one or one more product.

Who will listing the products?

  • Only seller will be listing the products.
  • The size and quality of the pictures should be accurate and in a proper way.

If the product is not in stock by the seller or miss match product?

The seller will periodically check their products on the website. those products which are not available in stock, that products are should be in out of stock. Do not send miss match product to customer.

Note: – If the seller puts products in stock that are not in stock, the seller will be fined.

Tag must be attached to all products.

Tag must be attached on every product because of this, vendor gets these benefit that if tag didn’t attach on product so we couldn’t receive that product. it’s can help for increasing sale product to vendor.


Payment channel for vendor.

  • Commission fee

It’s depends on order product value.

  • Flat fee

The prescribed fee will be charged only for successful transactions. If the product is returned from the customer or courier, then will be not charged the prescribed fee.

 Product value Charges
0-500 10
501-1000 20
1000-above 30


  • Closing fee.

The closing fee is a small amount for all transactions. The closing fee will be calculated on the final selling price of a product.

Selling price. Closing fee
0-500 2%
501-1000 2%
1000-above 2%


  • Shipping charges.
Delhivery Commercials for – SURFACE  
weight (Zone-A) (Zone-B) Metro-Metro (ZONE C) Rest of India (ZONE D) Special Zones (ZONE-E)
Within-city Regional (Single Connection &<500kms) N1 N2 N1 N2 North East / J&K / Himachal Pradesh / Andaman
Upto 500 gms 35 40 43 45 46 48 52
Every additional 500 gms (upto 3kgs) 25 30 34 36 37 39 43
Every additional slab (1kgs) 25 30 34 36 37 39 43
RTO Return order on non-delivery to customer (every 1kgs) 25 30 34 36 37 39 43
DTO Reverse shipment – After Delivery (500gm) 50 60 63 65 67 70 85
DTO (Every additional 500gm) 36 45 51 54 56 58 62
Estimated Delivery Time 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days 4 Days 5 Days    


Cash on delivery Rs. 50 or 2% of Product Bill Value, whichever is higher.
Volumetric Formulae L*B*H/4000 (in CMS) – See Image on Right to understand Volumetric Weight Calculation.
Fuel Surcharge (FSC) No Fuel Surcharge
Covid Fuel Surcharge (FSC)  2.2/AWB
Covid Fee  1.5/AWB
GST/Tax Additional on above commercials, as per Govt normson Calculation
Weight Measurement: Dead Weight or Volumetric, whichever is higher. For volumetric weight calculation, all side are measured in cm.
RTO = Return to Origin, in the case that the customer is not available to receive the courier, it is returned back to the shipper.
DTO = Deliver to Origin, in the case that the customer wants to return the product back to the shipper.


Zone Defination
Zone A Local within city pickup and delivery
Zone B Origin to destination within 500kms
National – 1 (Metro to Metro) Origin to destination between 501 – 1400 kms
National – 2 (Metro-Metro) Origin to destination between 1401 – 2500 kms
National – 1 Origin to destination between 501 – 1400 kms
National – 2 Origin to destination between 1401 – 2500 kms
Special Zones NE, J&K Origin to Destination > 2500 kms


  • Payment channel.

Product amount will be credited to seller’s account within 10 to 15 business working days from the date of order dispatch. All payments will be made through NEFT transactions (online banking). The payment will be made directly to your bank account.

  • Order Management.
  • Who will take care of my products?

Our delivery partner will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer. All you need to do is keep it packed and ready for dispatch.


  • How do I manage my product on 99hubfactory?

Through our seller dashboard, we make it really easy for you to manage your orders. Whenever a customer places an order, we will send you an e-mail alert. You need to pack the order and keep it ready for dispatch within the time frame provided by you and inform us through the seller portal. This will alert our delivery partner to pick up the product from you.


  • Will 99hubfactory provide packaging material?

Yes, 99hubfactory will provide packaging material.